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The Grams Helix Light system is very simple. Give us the address you want the freshly mined bitcoins sent to. We give you an address to send them to. You have 24 hours to send 1 transaction between .02 and 100 bitcoins. Grams Helix light takes pride in being the easiest and most secure Bitcoin mixing service. We use a lot of different bitcoin miners for highest variety in blockchain. Unlike bitmixer, bitblender and coinmixer we store zero logs. Not even webserver logs!


Cleans bitcoins in 60 minutes

After your intial transaction to Helix has 3 confirmations, the coins will be polished, cleaned and sent back to you with 1 transaction immediately. The process can take up to 3 hours, but on average, 85% of all helixes are sent within 60 minutes from our large pools of freshly mined, virgin bitcoins for your safety and anonymity.


No account needed

Unlike old Helix you don't need to sign up for a grams' account. This means no entry fee, no pgp key verification, and no link to you (even your online identity) at all. We also now store zero data on the servers and send your receiving address directly thru encrypted algorithms (similiar to blockchain) to the bitcoin mining services who send you 100% new, untracable coins back which have zero history. Our random delays and randomized transactions result in the most simple, fastest, and securest bitcoin tumbling service in 2017.

You can trust Grams to always get freshly mined coins back


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